Training and further training
in Bioenergetic Analysis

1. Structure

Modular Training in Bioenergetic Analysis

correspondig to the curriculum of the International Institute For Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA),
founder: Alexander Lowen, MD

Body oriented and energetic understanding and work in psychotherapy, body therapy, education,
counselling and relational profession

You can acquire several body psychotherapy and educational skills and certificates within the framework of the modular structure of the training courses at NIBA.

You can also book the yearly training modules separately. Module I and II are especially suitable for this. You will receive a certificate of participation, which details the content of the relevant course. This you can choose exactly what interests you for your own work and decide later whether you want to proceed with a possible certification.

Further qualification in Bioenergetic Analysis
for professionals

(Curriculum over 2 years)

Target group:

People who are trained and working in a therapeutic, educative, and/or counselling profession and want to apply Bioenergetic Analysis in their professional lives.

Participation:  in Annual Modules I and II 
Individual therapy: we recommend that parallel to the modules you have individual therapy with a teaching therapist recognized by NIBA/IIBA

A certificate of participation will be issued, that shows the contents of the further training.


Leader of bioenergetic exercise groups
(2 jähriges Curriculum)

Target group:

People trained and working in the psycho-social area, who want to integrate bioenergetic exercises in their professional work or who want to offer bioenergetic exercise groups. Also for those who are in the training for the therapeutic qualification of CBT, this certification after two years is a good basis for working bioenergetically, both in psycho-education and/or in your own professional practice as a therapist.

Requirements for certification:

Participation:  in Annual Modules I and II 
Training analysis/individual therapy:

40 hours with training therapists recognized by NIBA/IIBA


development and testing of designs for exercise groups in the training
(module I and II)

Additional supervision requirement:

leading at least 5 supervised exercise groups, max. two during the training modules and 3 as external exercise groups (live or in video) in individual supervision
(This involves extra costs for 3 individual supervisions.)

These conditions can be reduced if you already have the certification as a


Certified Bioenergetic Therapist
(Curriculum over 4 years)

Target group:

clinical psychologists, physicians and other people who are trained and working in the psycho-social area. Apart from formal qualifications you will need sufficient psychological and physical resilience, a realistic awareness of self and others and the willingness to self-reflect both body and soul.

For the certificate you will need the HP for Psychotherapy in Germany (or equivalent in your own country) as a legal requirement.

Requirements for certification:

Participation: in the Annual Modules I to IV
Training analysis/individual therapy: 140 hours with training therapists recognized by NIBA/IIBA
Supervision: 50 hours individual supervision with supervisors recognized by NIBA/IIBA starting in Modul III or later

A written case study and a final colloquium in a training group.

The training program will be held mainly at weekends and in some cases on additional days supplementary to the weekend (max. 3-5 days).

An annual module consists of 20 days of training spread over 5-6 weekends.