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Training and further training

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You inform us in writing about your interest in the training, enclose a tabular CV and details of your education/training background (certificates, diplomas, and degrees), your professional experience and which part of the training and which certificate you are interested in. Please send all this as attachments to emails, so we can pass it on quickly.

Then we will arrange a personal interview, which can also take place per skype.

If you are interested in the complete training as a CBT/IIBA, then after you have completed the preclinical training (after 2 years) you will have another personal interview for orientation and to clarify your further training in the clinical modules.

Wir weisen an dieser Stelle darauf hin, dass wir uns noch in der Startphase zum neuen Modulsystem befinden, in der Sie in Ovelgönne gemeinsam mit den Teilnehmern unterschiedlichen Trainingslevels aus unserem bisherigen One-Room-Schoolhouse-Modell unterrichtet werden.

After evaluation of the three phases of the application you will receive a response from the trainings committee of NIBA.

If you have any further questions please contact our office.


Training and Further Training in Bioenergetic Analysis​

Here we want to point out that our training takes place as a “one room schoolhouse model”. The new module system is integrated into this model. This means that you register for the current annual module and you will then be taught together with the participants of various training levels. Likewise you can register if you have already completed part of the bioenergetic training program, but couldn’t continue with or finish it. This is particularly interesting if you are aiming for the full training as a CBT/IIBA.

In Berlin we start with module I, which focusses on the main content, but in a form which enables various training levels to be integrated.

In order to assemble a group, we would ask you to submit an application and also to come for a personal interview, in the course of which we can clarify any individual queries



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