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This experiential workshop is addressed to colleagues from body psychotherapy, professionals from the field of health-care, and those who might be interested to participate in a training program later on. Workshop and training are intended to satisfy the growing interest in the integration of the body into psychotherapy and to revitalize Bioenergetic Analysis.

Bioenergetic Analysis is a unique bodypsychotherapy founded by Alexander Lowen based upon an energetic and relational understanding – rooted in the work of Wilhelm Reich.

“It integrates a work with the body, with the patient’s interpersonal relationships, and with his mental processes; each of which is correlated and interpreted in terms of the others.... Bioenergetic Analysis starts with the reality of the body and its basic functions of motility and expression.” (A. Lowen New York, 1963)

It has from the 50th up to now developed to a broader concept with more or less impact on either analytical-relational psychotherapy with focus on the body – and/or energetic-body-psychotherapy. It is one of the oldest and most respected methods of analytic body psychotherapy which emerged directly from psychoanalysis. While it has been known for a long tradition and wealth of experiential knowledge Bioenergetic Analysis has nowadays included innovations from attachment theory, relational psychoanalysis, infant research and neurobiology, and still holds valid statements on the significance of the body in psychotherapy.

“When you have no words for your feelings, for what happened to you, for what is missing in you, we listen to the inner resonance - of your inchoate secrets - as it lives in your body. We help you to sense and amplify this inner resonance until its movement comes close enough to the surface of your being to enter your consciousness. But we also listen carefully to your words and are touched by them when they come from a depth of your being that no one can put a hand on. We
invite you to surrender to the spirit of your body and the body of your spirit - and in so doing, to embrace your true self.“ (Robert Lewis, M.D)

Bioenergetic Analysis helps to release chronic muscular tensions, manage affects, expand the capacity for intimacy, heal sexual difficulties and learn new, more fulfilling ways of relating to others. Tenderness, aggression, assertion – and their confluence in sexuality – are seen as core lifesaving forces. The therapeutic relationship provides a place of safety in which healing begins. The therapist reads the body, resonates with its energy, feels the emotions, listens, hears and answers the words. The language of the body (posture/gesture, breathing, motility, vocal expression) is on focus as it indicates the status on the way to personhood – from the past to the present and future. Techniques are used which address the energetic aspect of the individual, including her self-perception, selfexpression, and self-control. These also include work with body contact, boundaries, grounding, and the understanding of muscular tensions as indications of somatic and psychological defences against past trauma.
The goal of therapy is more than the absence of symptoms - it is having aliveness, getting a taste of pleasure, joy, love – vibrant health.

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Fortbildung Nr.: 18-WS-I-6


Freitag, 7. Dez. 2018 – Sonntag, 9. Dez. 2018 mit Dr. Vita Heinrich-Clauer

Ströme e.V.   Hermannstr. 48, 2. Hof (U-Bhf. Boddinstr.),  12049 Berlin-Neukölln

Beginn: Freitag 19 Uhr  |  Ende: Sonntag 13.30 Uhr

Kosten: 295 EUR  |  NIBA-Mitgl.  295 EUR   incl. 45 EUR Tagungspausch., plus Unt./Verpfl.

 Dr. Vita Heinrich-Clauer

Dr. Vita Heinrich-Clauer
Dipl. Psych., Bioenergetische Analytikerin (CBT seit 1991), Internationale Trainerin (IIBA Faculty). Trainings in Russland, Polen, Schweiz und Deutschland. Autorin, Herausgeberin „Handbuch Bioenergetische Analyse“ (2008 deutsch, 2011 englisch). Supervisorin, Dozentin.

Dipl. Psych., Germany, International Trainer for Bioenergetic Analysis
(IIBA Faculty). She is teaching Bioenergetic Analysis in Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Poland. Her special interests are bodily resonance phenomena, bioenergetic work with developmental trauma, bioenergetic self care and bioenergetic work with couples. Editor of the „Handbook Bioenergetic Analysis“ 2011.